Our Services

Kronish Associates, Inc. works directly with high net worth clients and their advisors. Our process is highly structured and designed to fully understand the goals and objectives before designing a customized set of recommendations.

We routinely deal with high profile individuals and families. Due to the nature of our work, particularly in the underwriting process, we gather a significant amount of confidential medical and financial information about our clients.

We follow very strict internal procedures designed to protect each client's private data. We are dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure technological platform.

Kronish Associates, Inc. deals with senior executives at carriers when we underwrite life insurance portfolios. Every time we submit a client to an insurance carrier for review, we reiterate in writing that the information may be used solely to determine life insurance underwriting and cannot be shared with other parties.


  • Gather data on existing life insurance portfolio
  • Obtain inforce ledgers from existing carriers
  • Analyze the efficiency of each contract and carrier financials
  • Obtain confidential medical information on each insured to maximize insurance potential
  • Work directly with medical underwriters at most appropriate carriers to negotiate optimal offers
  • Present findings to client and their advisors
  • Obtain outside, third party financing where appropriate
  • On boarding policy information
  • Establishing portfolio management schedule for annual reviews